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Day/Play Care

Pet Galaxy is like a fun
summer camp all year round

Pet Galaxy is like a fun summer camp all year round. We offer a large one acre outdoor supervised area for group play with other dogs, complete with a pond and pools.

Our smaller friends have a choice between joining the fun with the larger dogs, or play in playgroups dedicated to smaller breeds. In addition to outdoor play areas, smaller dogs may also choose to play indoor in our Activity Room; a play room filled with toys and fun.

In all cases, our trained staff is always on hand to ensure that everyone is safe
and having a great time.

For our guests who may require individual yards, we have large, tree shaded yards available, complete with wading pools, dog house and yard toys.

Group play is not for every dog. Each dog’s behavior around other dogs is constantly evaluated by our professional staff. If your dog plays well with others, is spayed or neutered, and is current on all vaccinations, he/she is ready to participate and can look forward to lots of fun. Puppies under six months need not be spayed or neutered.

If your dog is more comfortable playing individually, our staff is always available to play fetch and toss the Frisbee.

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